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Friday Forum: Can Street Safety be Anti-Racist? (And How?)

Racism in Transportation Policy

Can Street Safety be Anti-Racist? (And How?)

Friday, February 26, 2021
Noon – 1 p.m. (online)

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Who feels safe in Tacoma streets? Street safety initiatives often rely on police enforcement with racially asymmetrical impacts. Join us for an exploration into what contributes to real and perceived safety in public spaces, focusing on how race informs safety, why, and a few ideas of steps to address racism in public space safety.


  • Liz Kaster, Senior Planner & Active Transportation Coordinator, City of Tacoma (Public Works Dept.)
  • Isha Hussein, Youth Organizer, The People’s Assembly
  • Naomi Smith, Attorney at Law, Lawyers Against Systemic Racism, Advocacy Committee Co-chair
  • Tanisha Jumper, City of Tacoma (moderator)

Friday Forums bring together local leaders, experts, and the community to talk about transportation issues facing Tacoma and our region.

If you can’t attend the live Friday Forum, check out the recording at our media sponsor, Channel 253! And don’t miss the after-show podcast on Crossing Division.

You can view the Forum recording on TV Tacoma:
Fri. Feb. 26: 4:30pm
Sat. Feb 27: Midnight, 9:30am, 4pm
Sun. Feb 28: Noon, 7pm
Mon.  Mar 1: 1am, 1pm
Tue. Mar 2: 9am, 9pm
Wed. Mar 3: 2am, 4:30pm, 10:30pm
Thurs. Mar 4: 5am, 4:30pm
Fri. Mar 5: 4:30pm

Thank you to Parametrix for sponsoring this event!

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