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COVID-19 & Flexible Work Arrangements

Flexible work arrangements and teleworking are excellent ways to keep you and your employees healthy during these uncertain times. We know many of you have had to start your teleworking program without the luxury of time, but these resources may help streamline your process as we move through this time together as a community.

Check out these articles to assist your transition to at-home work:

How to Create an Effective Teleworking Program

Top 13 Tips to Work at Home Amid Coronavirus Concerns

How to Work from Home: 20 Tips from People Who Do It Successfully

Pierce Trips Teleworking Resources

For more information on flexible work arrangements and particularly telework, check out the Telework Tool Kit. The state of Virginia is also a leader in promoting telework among employers… check out their website www.teleworkva.org.

For assistance in exploring telework and other flexible work arrangements at your business, contact ambers@downtownonthego.org.

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