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New Carshare Coordinator

Downtown On the Go welcomed new Carshare Coordinator Joshua Jorgensen this month.  Josh will be working on promoting carsharing and Zipcar throughout Pierce County.

Josh is a former teacher and an active urbanist who is passionate about encouraging local residents to make efficient and sustainable choices in their daily commute, weekly trips and general lifestyle transportation needs, who hopes to see downtown Tacoma become a more vibrant part of the Puget Sound region. He is excited about working directly with businesses, employees, organizations and residents in carshare available areas to encourage carsharing as part of their transportation plans.

Josh holds both a B.A. in Elementary Education from Arizona State University and a B.A. in Urban Studies from the University of Washington Tacoma. Josh interned in the City of Tacoma Comprehensive Planning Department, and is also working at Kidder Mathews as a Market Analyst and Investment Services Specialist.  He has the distinction of having taught on three continents.

He lives in downtown Tacoma with his wife Melissa and newborn son Leif.  Josh enjoys cycling, socializing and exploring new and innovative ideas to make cities more sustainable and livable while integrating ecological approaches to environmental preservation.

When asked about promoting carsharing, Josh said, “We are part of a vibrant and dynamic community with as much character as the people involved.  I look forward to engaging those who live, work or play here as well as sharing strategies to make transportation between these activities easier and more enjoyable.”

For information on carsharing in Tacoma, contact Josh Jorgensen at, joshj@tacomachamber.org, or 253-682-1738.

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