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Lime Bike & Bird are in Tacoma

Lime Bike launched in Tacoma on Sept. 21, 2018 and Bird followed behind on Oct. 13, 2018. This new mobility option makes it easier for all of us to access e-bikes and e-scooters. Currently under a 60-day pilot project with the city of Tacoma, e-bikes and e-scooters are available throughout the City of Tacoma. Give biking a try for the first time, connect closer to your bus route, or just feel the wind in your hair on these new mobility options!

How to Lime
Download the Lime Bike App, search for the nearest vehicle, scan the code on the bike or scooter, and off you go! Both bikes and scooters cost $1 to start and $0.15 a minute — no matter how far or fast you go.

How to Bird
Download the Bird App, search for the nearest scooter, scan the code, and off you go! Scooters cost $1 to start and $0.15 a minute — no matter how far or fast you go.

Lime Access makes bikes and scooters more affordable and accessible through discounted rates and PayNearMe which allows users to pay without a smart phone or a credit card.

Tips for biking
Always wear a helmet when you ride and check out a Pierce County bike map for the safest routes. If you’re looking for a great bike destination, check out our Bike to A Business program and support businesses that support bikes! Downtown On the Go sells helmets in our shop, just let us know when you’re coming in.

Tips for scooting
You can scoot on the sidewalk or the street, just remember to share the road with cars and bikes, and the sidewalk with pedestrians. Helmets are required. When you park, you’ll scan the code again and it’ll ask for a photo of it’s parking space.

Use the hashtag #Bike253 to share all of your Lime or Bird adventures!

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