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Job Openings: Active Transportation Coordinator and Community Organizer

>>>UPDATED 1/23/2015

Downtown On the Go is working with the Puyallup River Watershed Initiative‘s Active Transportation Community of Interest to promote active transportation in the Pierce County area.

The initiative seeks to strengthen the resilience of the Puyallup Watershed in partnership with the communities and stakeholder groups the watershed serves. The Russell Family Foundation (TRFF) is committing financial support over ten years to support Communities of Interest coming together to work to improve the health of the watershed.

The Active Transportation Community of Interest (COI), formed in 2014 as part of the Puyallup River Watershed Initiative, is a broad, inclusive partnership of many individuals and organizations interested in improving the health of the Puyallup River watershed; the people who live, work, visit, and play there; and the economy of the area.

>>>THESE POSITIONS HAVE CLOSED. We look forward to announcing the new hires and keeping you updated on our progress in the next few months.

The Active Transportation Community of Interest is hiring for two positions (both closing Jan. 23, 2015):

Please contact Kristina Walker at Downtown On the Go for more information.

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