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Friday Forum Wrap Up: Reflecting On Livable Cities in a Pandemic

On May 4th, we wrapped up our discussion on how Tacoma approaches the future of becoming a more livable city for people of all ages. Due to the Coronavirus, our originally scheduled in-person forum on March 20, 2020, was cancelled. In place of our regular forum, we worked with the amazing folks at Channel 253 and the Crossing Division Podcast to discuss the takeaways from this year’s forum series and how the landscape has changed amidst the pandemic:

Listen Here!

Tanisha Jumper, the City of Tacoma’s Director of Media and Communications, and Christina Clem, AARP Communications Specialist, join Evelyn Lopez to talk about Age Friendly Cities, and what Tacoma is doing, and will be doing, to make our communities a strong, nurturing, and healthy environment for everyone.

Whether you are 8 years old or 80 years old, everyone benefits from a mix of housing that meets the needs of singles, young adults juggling student loans, new parents, established families, seniors downsizing, and multi-family groups. When a community is walkable and has all the necessary services within a short drive or walk from home, everyone has what they need regardless of what limitations on travel or gathering might come up. And as we’ve realized with this pandemic, finding ways to communicate, share accurate information, and connect is critically necessary in emergencies and in building communities.

A big thank you to Parametrix for sponsoring this forum, to Tacoma Arts Live for supporting the forums in 2020, and to Channel 253 for being the 2020 media sponsor.

We hope to have the originally planned conversation about public space in the future!

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