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Express Yourself on the Downtown Mural

Express yourself on Downtown On the Go’s new downtown mural starting Dec. 31, 2012. Inspired by Candy Chang’s “Before I Die” exhibit, Downtown On the Go is transforming the vacant building on 11th and Market streets. The exhibit will ask downtown residents, employees and passersby to grab a piece of chalk and fill in the blank:

I GO Downtown Because __________
I Would Like to SEE Downtown_______
I’d LIVE Downtown If_________
Downtown WORKS Because_______

The exhibit is meant to improve downtown, gather input and raise awareness of Downtown On the Go’s Live Downtown program, which incentivizes downtown employees to live close to work, and Downtown On the Go’s commuter resources, which help people choose healthy commute options. The mural will be unveiled and ready for interaction on Dec. 31, 2012 at the First Night celebration.

Join us to give your input as part of the First Night festivities on New Year’s Eve. Anyone can stop by any time to add to the wall. Photos of the mural in-progress are posted on Downtown On the Go’s Facebook page.

Thank you to Josh Jorgensen, Holly Knoll, Rebecca Solverson, Judi Hyman, Ricky Gene, and Lance Kagey for their vision and work on the project. Thanks to our many, many friends who volunteered to paint!

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