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Downtown Road Construction Update

Pacific Avenue Streetscape Project  

Lots of improvements are underway right now with this project, and we are so excited about how beautiful it will be when it’s finished, with its enhanced pedestrian, bicycle, public transit, and vehicular use of the ten-block area, as well as the innovative rain garden design.

Here’s the latest progress update:

Sidewalks are now installed between S 9th and S 11th, and installation is underway between S 11th and 12th.

Construction of the bulbout on the southwest corner of S 9th and Pacific Ave is now complete.

Rain garden construction is underway on S 10th and S 11th streets, and planting of the rain gardens at S 7th and 9th will begin soon.

The first cobble installation is underway at S 7th, and cobble placement on the west side of the intersection at S 8th will soon begin.

 Stop by the next Coffee Talk this Wednesday, July 17th at 10 a.m. at Dorky’s to talk with representatives from the City and the contractor about the project.

 Stadium Way Arterial Project  

In preparation for the opening of Stadium Way in late August/early September, retaining walls, sidewalks, lighting, and landscaping are still underway. Both southbound lanes of Schuster Parkway are closed 9am to 9pm, Monday through Friday through July 19th. During this time, sidewalks may also be closed, and signs will be in place to notify pedestrians.

Click here for a map of all detours for this phase of the project.

Contact Downtown On the Go for support and information about taking public transit or planning your route to work while these construction projects are underway!

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