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Downtown Bus Bloggers

**NEW** – Our Bus Bloggers rode the bus all month and have new blog entries about their experience. Will they continue riding? A resounding YES from all participants!

Hear from Marguerite, Mimi and Carly about their experience.

For Transit Month, we asked three people who were not bus commuters to give it a try for the month (at least twice a week) and let us know how it goes. We rode the bus with them so they knew where they were going (we know sometimes taking the first ride is the hardest part!) and then sent them off on their own.

You’ll hear from Marguerite, Mimi and Carly throughout the month about their experience. We hope that they inspire you to Try the Bus this month! Not sure where to start? Give us a call (253-682-1739) or join us on a Try the Bus event.

Photos: Carly (top) and Marguerite (bottom) wait for their buses.

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