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DOTG Endorses “No on I-1125” Campaign

Downtown On the Go’s Board of Directors has endorsed the “No on I-1125” campaign because I-1125 threatens current and planned transportation and transit projects, negatively impacts transportation demand management policies and funding mechanisms, and puts tolling rates in the hands of legislators rather than an rather than an independent commission of transportation experts. These actions threaten programs like Downtown On the Go and our work to ease congestion and improve mobility for all transportation users. The I-1125 website offers opportunities to get involved and voice your support for the No on I-1125 campaign.

Join our calling campaign on Thursday, Nov. 3 at 5:30 p.m. at 950 Pacific Ave, Suite 300 to spread the word about voting no on I-1125. Questions? Contact dotg@tacomachamber.org.

View the No on I-1125 Fact Sheet.

View recent op-ed in Tacoma Weekly.

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