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Meet Ben

I love the chance to be active on the way to work. Having my bike with me at work allows me to get around downtown more quickly than driving and looking for a parking spot. It is healthy and convenient. Continue reading

Meet Shera

It is actually a little quicker riding my bike because I don’t have as many stop lights to wait at and I do free up one parking spot at work which helps as they are getting hard to find. Continue reading

Meet Nikki

Biking makes me a happier, healthier person. I even met my partner because of our mutual love of biking! This lifestyle has become so important to me that I want to build my career around creating bikeable, livable cities. Continue reading

Meet Diana

The savings frees up my spending for other things like paint and art supplies–which I can’t get enough of! l guess you could say my first Spaceworks Tacoma mural is a green mural. About 85-90 percent of the materials used were transported either on foot, by bike or the Tacoma Link Light Rail. Continue reading

Meet Tricia & Hannah

The fresh air gives me a boost of energy to begin a productive work day. Continue reading

Meet Joel

Biking is pure fun for me and provides an opportunity to get a light workout on the way to or from work. I often take the long way home to allow for some extra exercise. Continue reading

Meet Christy

Christy relaxes on her Sounder/Link commute; and the savings don’t hurt either! Continue reading

Meet Mike

“When I get to ride my bike to work it is a glorious day,” says Mike. His advice to you? “Jump in. It is fun and you will figure it out. Sometimes I forget my dress shoes or socks – it happens.” Continue reading

Meet Jordan

If he can’t ride his bike, Jordan will happily take the bus where ever he needs to go. As he is a student who also works in the downtown area, you will see most likely see Jordan with a smile on his face – riding his bike and saving his money for college in the fall. Continue reading

Meet Kate

Kate is an expert in transportation choices – literally! She walks, pedals, rides transit, and car shares around the region in her work and has great ideas to help everyone get around and enjoy the ride. Continue reading

Meet David

David has saved thousands of dollars biking instead of driving. Continue reading

Meet Miriam

I am so happy that I moved a bit over a year ago from Gig Harbor because now I have so many more options. Continue reading

Meet Eric

Eric sees the value in living close to work and isn’t afraid to get creative with his commute. Continue reading

Meet Sarah

Sarah finds biking makes it easy to meet people and feel healthy. Continue reading

Meet Hana

Hana says riding or walking is an easy way to fit exercise into her daily routine. Continue reading

Meet Nathan

I have avoided nearly 1,000 drive alone miles. Continue reading

Meet David C

The opportunity to get out and breath the fresh air walking to the bus stop or pedaling down the street is so much more enjoyable than getting in the car, sitting down and battling traffic. Once you try it, you won’t believe what you are missing! Continue reading

Meet Hannah

Hannah suggests being patient with yourself and getting comfortable with a new way to commute. “I feel safer on a bike than in a car—I am much more aware of my surroundings while cycling and this makes me a better road user.” Continue reading

Meet Garrett

Garrett has done the math and found the effects of riding his bike or bus are worth the extra six minutes it takes to get to work. Continue reading

Meet Ryan

Aside from saving money, getting healthier and saving time I like to think that by biking to work I’m setting an example. I look forward to more bike facilities around town to make biking an easier choice – more bike racks, more showers in buildings, more bus routes that go up and down the hill regularly to traverse the hills of Tacoma. Continue reading

Meet Kai

It’s a much less stressful way to get to work, and I enjoy the time to myself and the ability to relax. The best part of the commute, though, is making a small contribution to the betterment of the environment and – just as important – it’s a lot of fun! Continue reading

Meet Rikki

As a student, I save money on parking and get to avoid all of the traffic. I know that the bus is a reliable way for me to get around. It gets me where I need to go and when. Continue reading

Meet Sharnel

I get to spend more time with my husband! Continue reading

Meet Mary

Exercise is often the last item on our “to do” list, especially with the demands of work and family. This is a great way to fit some exercise into your life. Start small and make a commitment to bike once or twice and then work on it from there. Continue reading

Meet Andrew

I get to meet people out and about in Tacoma that I never would have met otherwise simply because I’m not locked in 2,000 lbs. of steel all of the time. Whether it’s catching dinner and a movie or hopping on a bus to the airport or Downtown Seattle, the world is at your fingertips. Continue reading

Meet Shannon

It’s forced relaxation time, and an intentional lifestyle shift. I love having exposure to new people and experiences and couldn’t be happier with my quality of life. Commuters would be surprised how vibrant and alive their community is – if only they got out of their cars to experience it. Continue reading