“I enjoy sharing the excitement about riding bikes with people. I like showing people how easy it is to ride your bike to work.” – Tacoma bike commuter

Commuter Profiles

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Meet Wendi

I treat myself to a Massage Envy membership for saving money getting to and from work! Continue reading

Meet Chris

“It helps me stay healthy with a job where I sit in front of a computer most of the day.” Continue reading

Meet Laura

“Just try it! There is a weird stigma about taking public transit that shouldn’t exist.” Continue reading

Meet Teri

“By the time I was finished with Beka I was confident and ready to jump on board.” Continue reading

Meet Eric

“My (new) commute is only about 3 miles, so it’s actually faster to ride to work than to drive, park, and walk.” Continue reading

Meet Meadow

“Riding the bus is the easiest and cheapest way for me to get to work.” Continue reading

Meet Jamie

“Walking may take longer to reach your destination than driving, but I’ve viewed that time as a chance to recharge…” Continue reading

Meet Trudy

Since Trudy started taking transit, She’s been able to go on multiple vacations with all her extra funds! Continue reading

Meet Jeff

Weather doesn’t define your commute! Continue reading

Meet L. Lisa

L. Lisa is a multi-modal commuter. She only puts gas in her truck every 4-6 weeks! Continue reading