Commuter Profiles

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Meet the Staff: Emily

I live a short distance from downtown and other surrounding neighborhoods, so I can always easily walk to where I need to go. Even though it takes a bit longer, walking or biking allows me to become more familiar with my neighborhood, and I always feel great afterwards! Continue reading

Meet the Staff: Meadbh

Moving my muscles in the morning can be better than coffee in terms of waking me up and I can enjoy the good weather on my bike! Continue reading

Meet the Staff: Amber

Even though walking and using public transportation adds 15 minutes to my overall commute time, it is worth it! Leaving my car behind means my morning commute isn’t filled with the stress that comes from sitting in traffic and finding parking. Continue reading

Meet Wendi

I treat myself to a Massage Envy membership for saving money getting to and from work! Continue reading

Meet Chris

“It helps me stay healthy with a job where I sit in front of a computer most of the day.” Continue reading

Meet Laura

“Just try it! There is a weird stigma about taking public transit that shouldn’t exist.” Continue reading

Meet Teri

“By the time I was finished with Beka I was confident and ready to jump on board.” Continue reading

Meet Eric

“My (new) commute is only about 3 miles, so it’s actually faster to ride to work than to drive, park, and walk.” Continue reading

Meet Meadow

“Riding the bus is the easiest and cheapest way for me to get to work.” Continue reading

Meet the Staff: Georgette

My first bike ride in Tacoma started with fresh PNW air in my face and ended with a cup of local coffee and a view of Mt Rainier. Every morning that I ride my bike, I feel a sense of accomplishment before my work day even begins. Continue reading