“The Friday Forum series had good innovative thinking, provided a big picture view of issues, and allowed people to think outside the… car.” – Friday Forum participant

About DOTG


Downtown On the Go envisions a vibrant, integrated community – where daily life is enhanced by connecting people, green spaces, arts & culture, and jobs. Transportation options that are safe, affordable, and accessible, reinforce an active community that is connected locally and regionally, promoting a focus on the movement and interactions of people rather than cars.


Downtown On the Go’s purpose is to create a community where everyone can get around with or without a car.  We are the transportation advocate for anyone whose life is in greater Tacoma. We do this by:

  • Advocating for transportation equity for all, regardless of background, ability, or circumstance
  • Educating about transportation choices other than driving alone.
  • Encouraging use of transit, ridesharing, biking, walking, and flexible work arrangements.
  • Championing transportation choices and policies that promote community livability.

Meet the Staff

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How can we help support you?
DOTG provides Fee for Service support in many areas.

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