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A Great Year Ahead: A Message from our Board President

This is a great year to be in downtown Tacoma and I’m thrilled to be stepping in as the next President of the Board of Directors at Downtown On the Go. Following in Jonah Jensen’s footsteps will be no small task, as DOTG accomplished so much in 2014, but I’m ready for the challenge and I invite you to join me.

Join me in encouraging your employees to live downtown. Join me in providing benefits that help employees get to work without their cars. Join me in asking for DOTG’s support in making those benefits available. Join me at a DOTG event and be part of the vibrancy we all want to see every day on the street. Join me in becoming an event sponsor to help DOTG sustain into the future.

Yes, the transportation options that Downtown On the Go makes possible are vital to downtown Tacoma’s success, to its economy, and its well-being. But Downtown On the Go also brings a quality of life factor that is unique to downtown Tacoma and truly makes this a place where people want to locate their business, and to live, work, and play. From our Walk Tacoma events that brought more than 1,000 people to walk the streets of Tacoma, to our regular bike events that help people try biking for the first time, to Try Transit events that provide bus passes and get people on transit, to our Live Downtown program that is moving residents into downtown, DOTG is a vital part of the downtown community and the reason that so many are choosing Tacoma for business and life.

As a partner in a downtown business, I’m excited to see the work that is being done and I’m confident this year will bring even more excitement, more direct support for you and your business, and more great events in downtown. I look forward to working with all of you.

-Michael Hutchinson, GeoEngineers

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